Knowledge about wall printers

In recent years, pure hand-painted wall painting less and less, wall printers gradually replaced manual hand-drawn. Because the wall printer is getting smarter, the wall painting effect is more and more ideal, and there is no need to learn painting skills for a long time, so more and more people to choose it. But there are many people do not know enough wall paint machine, in fact, the wall printer can be said to be a type of printing equipment that can draw patterns on the wall.
The biggest advantage of wall printer is the need to save effort, as long as the design picture (photo) into the computer, you can spray paint a beautiful pattern. More efficient, and the painting effect is more delicate and realistic. Many people are moved but afraid to start, worried about the life of machine use. Below and you talk about the factors affecting the life of the wall paint machine.
Use habits: when using must measure well, fixed the wall paint machine. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the nozzle. Although the wall painting machine can be painted on any wall material, but also pay attention to the repair of the nozzle.

What's the difference between a wall printer and a pure hand-painted wall

1, wall printer requirements on the wall as long as no more than 8 mm bump can be printed, because the wall painting machine with nozzle telescopic function, in 1CM can automatically adjust the distance between the nozzle and the wall

2, wall printer cost is not high, because printed out of a similar photo-painting effect, do not limit the pattern and color, and hand-painted wall is more cumbersome and labor cost is high, many specific patterns and colors can not be hand-painted.

3, the advantages of the wall printer is flexible, can reach the wall side and corner place, can extend in the middle to the surrounding. Hand-drawn takes a lot of time to compare and draw large patterns, the pattern precision will be biased.

4, hand-drawn needs a complete high-pixel map and is a plan to make, the wall painting machine only need a network map can restore him to the wall, or even more perfect than the original.

5, the shortcomings of hand-drawn can not show texture, painting friends know that hand-painting can never be accurate color allocation, and the painting machine can be completely on the computer to present the color.

6, wall printer suitable for what, suitable for high-end customized customers, the need to pursue a sense of the whole, on the wall to print decorative paintings and personality of the picture.

7, wall printer width can be unlimited extension. Height can be infinitely stitched, the overall picture effect is better. If the wall height of more than two meters hand-drawn is difficult to draw on it, even if the mat on the picture, will be because of the non-stop change of seats and delay time.

8, wall printer simply like printers, paint machine, photo machine, do not limit any pattern, even if the wrong printing can brush the wall from, hand-drawn if the pattern is wrong it is very troublesome, waste is not only time, and hand-painter also want you to pay another fee.
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