Several technical highlights of wall painting machine

No need computer

Not only does not need the computer to save the cost of buying a laptop, but also can make the actual outdoor construction more simple, without a variety of links, the operating environment requirements are also lower. At the same time, this also reduces the threshold of operating the machine, the industrial control all-in-one machine is equipped with tablet control, as long as the touch screen can complete a series of operations, such as image selection, image modification, printing Settings.

Power range

This technical bright point simple explanation is, after turning off the printer and then starting up can start from the printing part when it is turned off, without complex matching, also don't have to start all over again, artisJet Mural wall printer power outage lasts for more than 8 hours, that is to say, for the day not finished printing picture the next day can continue to print.

Dual infrared height measurement sensor

On the wall directly spray print the picture than on the car stickers, acrylic materials such as printing more uncontrollable factors to too much, especially the seemingly flat walls which implies more uneven, the sensitive infrared sensors will play a big role, as well as identify and steer clear of obstacles to protect the printer head, also make metope printing effect more perfect break.

Infrared sensing is not a new technology, but sensitivity and usefulness are important. With the dual support of intelligent control system and professional software algorithm, Artisjetmural wall Printer can avoid obstacles within a range of 5CM.

Surface tracking

Surface tracking technology is based on the function upgraded by sensitive infrared sensor. artisjet mural Printer can support micro surface painting, that is to say, with this function, the wall can be printed on a wider range of machines, which is more competitive than other color painting machines, and can also bring higher printing unit price for buyers. But it is less realistic to exaggerate claims that wall painting machines can print spheres, especially those equipped with only a single sensor.

Easy removal of modules

The most important part of the wall painting machine is the printer head, because the use of direct contact with the wall, is also the most prone to failure of the whole machine. The detachable modular head is convenient for transportation, and in the later period, once problems occur, it can also be replaced by modules, which not only saves after-sales cost, but also greatly saves maintenance time and avoids delay of construction period.

Space positioning system

Raster bar positioning is the most common way at present, but the wall painting is generally outdoor work, raster bar is easy to be affected by dust, sun and other factors leading to machine positioning failure resulting in disorderly screen code, so raster bar positioning is not a technical highlight, but to solve the technical difficulties.

The artisjetmural space positioning system does not need raplingbars, but USES software algorithm for accurate positioning, which can well avoid the occurrence of such problems.
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